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Practical Guide for Health Risk Communication

The Practical Guide for Health Risk Communication, which is a collaborative effort between BMJ Publishing Group, CEDARthree, Istituto Superiore di Sanità and Zadig Srl, is a main outcome of the TELL ME project. It is a collection of four guidance documents geared towards health care professionals, public health officials, decision-makers in the fields of infectious disease management and communication.

The Practical Guide for Risk Communication offers practical recommendations and tools to support the development of evidence-based messages, tailored for different sub-populations and target groups across various cultural contexts with the aim to further improve risk communication and the management of national or international public health threats at different phases of a major infectious disease outbreak.

ST3.2.1 - New Communication Strategies for Health Agencies and Healthcare Professionals


ST3.2.2 - New Communication Strategies for Working with Different Sub-Populations / Target Groups


ST3.2.3 - New Communication Strategies for Institutional Actors


ST3.2.4 - New Communication Strategies for Preventing Misinformation