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Europe recognizes TELL ME project’s role in Ebola research

on Tue, 04/21/2015 - 16:45

The TELL ME project has been included by the European Commission in the Global overview of Ebola research. The document – which provides a selected list of projects from all around the world with strong pertinence for the management of the Ebola outbreak – mainly focuses on the analysis, performed by TELL ME experts, about the main actors and topics of discussion in relation to Ebola on Twitter.

Also, on the EU web portal, TELL ME is credited for the e-learning course for primary care professionals – which was adopted by the Italians Associations of Doctors and Nurses respectively, reaching about 30,000 Italian health professionals, including a dedicated course on Ebola – and the TELL ME Communication Kit, which also offers practical guidance at different levels which can be useful to consider in order to overcome communication obstacles in the context of the Ebola crisis.