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TELL ME project on BMJ

on Thu, 06/05/2014 - 11:30

An article about TELL ME project was published on the May news bulletin of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) – one of the member of the TELL ME consortium – signed by Mitali Wroczynski, Business Development and Marketing Manager of the journal.

Wroczynski reported the three main research question at the core of TELL ME activity: how can the general population be persuaded through public health communication to take effective preventative actions? What are the most appropriate communication methods to deal with complexity, uncertainty, ignorance, information asymmetries, overwhelming information, biased information, misinformation and malicious information? What are the best communication strategies to support vaccine uptake, and to assist health professionals and agencies to engage with vaccine-resistant groups?

Wroczynski also announced the development of a communication practical guide for use when planning pandemic flu communications and invited people that might be interested in participating with its validation to join the experts of the consortium.