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TELL ME WP1 Validation workshop

on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 11:00

The first TELL ME validation workshop will take place in Rome on November 9th at the Hotel NH Leonardo Da Vinci.
The overall scope of this workshop will be to validate findings from work carried out in the context of WP1 concerning "population behaviuor during epidemics".
This work package (WP1) led by National Centre For Epidemiology, Surveillance And Health Promotion - CNESPS (Italy), aims to collect and assess evidence about population behavioural response to infectious diseases outbreaks, and about how communication may change behaviours.

This WP carried out a comprehensive exercise that will include:

  • a systematic review of studies addressing population behaviour during infectious outbreaks and review of outbreak communication in 2009 pandemic;
  • review of components and issues of outbreak communication;
  • segmentation and specific communication needs of target groups;
  • vaccine acceptance/refusal and resistance to vaccination;
  • narratives and Urban Myths surrounding epidemics and vaccination;
  • human rights, stigmatization and risk of discrimination against specific population segments and target groups.

Anyone interested in participating in the workshop may contact the secretariat of the project: