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D2.4 - Technical, Legal and Scientific Feasibility of an Online Course for Primary Care Staff

on Wed, 04/24/2013 - 10:40

One of the aims of Tell Me Project is to develop an e‐learning tool for health workers to rapidly disseminate information in case of a pandemic situation. This report focuses on the feasibility of such an instrument. To achieve this goal a research has been made on three levels:

  • legal, to collect information about the Continuing Medical Education (CME) system in the 27 European Union countries;
  • technical, to identify the best open‐source Learning Management System (LMS) system for the development of a prototype of e‐learning that could be implemented across all 27 countries of the European Union;
  • scientific, to identify the best training approach to deliver to health workers of all the 27 countries of the European Union the information necessary to coordinate a timely response to a critic event like a pandemic.

The results of the first part of research (legal) suggest that it could be possible to develop a protocol of e-learning that could be consistently applied in different countries of the European Union. Most of them already have CME systems with similar accreditation systems. Moreover, they have mutually recognized credits because they belong to a common system (UEMS).

The results of the second part of the research (technical) show that Moodle seems to be the open‐source LMS platform that best meets the TELL ME Project requirements for the following reasons:

  • it is user‐friendly;
  • the manuals are available in all official languages of the 27 European Union countries;
  • materials to support the use of the system (tutorials, guideline documents and forum discussions) are available;
  • there is a large and active community of users and developers assisting with problem resolution and helping to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system;
  • numerous functions, plugins and modules to customize the system are available. These expand the functionality and enhance the adaptive capability of the platform;
  • it is adopted in large‐scale training programs as it can support a high number of end‐users. This feature is directly related to the aims of the TELL ME Project as it enables a rapid and widespread dissemination of the information across the 27 European Union countries.

The results of the last part of the research (scientific) support the adoption of a case‐based e‐learning approach in the Tell Me project as it allows:

  • to rapidly and effectively disseminate and update critical information necessary to efficiently react to infectious disease emergencies in Europe;
  • to promote active learning and skill acquisition by using clinical cases to recreate authentic and realistic clinical learning scenarios, which ultimately enable an effective transfer of the theoretical knowledge into practical problem solving.

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D2.4 - Technical, Legal and Scientific Feasibility of an Online Course for Primary Care Staff